About Prekas

Prekas is a small and personal company that is situated at Lelystad airport (EHLE), a few hangars east of the tower building. Founded in 1995 by Michalis Prekatsunakis, and falling back on extensive experience in aircraft, auto racing, maintenance and painting, Prekas has grown into a very diverse company that can help people with a multitude of aviation related issues.

hangar2Prekas is now building aircraft from kit form for its customers, does aircraft maintenance, aircraft painting, prop balancing, offers aircraft hangarage, sells electric flap activator kits, has a large stock of parts like brakes and electric trim systems, sells aircraft and is a specialist in the conversion of Subaru engines for use in aircraft. Most of these activities are described on this website, accessible through the menu on the left of this screen. Have a look, or better: drop by to discuss your requirements.Many years of experience with Ultralight and experimental aircraft have proven to be a solid ground for many satisfied customers.

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