With the experience of several Prekas-built aircraft that are flying with Subaru engines, combined with an extensive automotive racing background, Prekas is arguably the most experienced company in the Netherlands in dealing with these magnificent engines.

The Subaru all alloy water cooled boxer engine was originally developed by Fuiji heavy industries for use as an aircraft engine. When company policy changed and their own aircraft turned out to need larger engines, the engine was reconfigured to be fitted in their cars. So it is no coincidence that these engines are ideal for conversion to aircraft duty.

However, there is more to it than simply picking up an engine, bolting it to the firewall and happily fly away with it. The engine needs to be rebuilt to factory tolerances, camshafts need to be reground to provide for a torque curve suitable for aircraft use, a propellor redrive needs to be fitted, the ignition needs a deal of attention and the stock carburettor is best replaced by a pair of Bing altitude compensating carburettors or a fuel injection system, to name but a few things. Prekas has experience with all of these things.


At Prekas, engines are being run and tuned on a test stand for a number of hours before being installed on the aircraft of our customers.



The Subaru range of engines include:

EA-71: 1,6 liter, about 80 hp, about 78 kg dry weight
EA-81: 1,8 liter, 100 to 110 hp, about 85 kg dry weight
EJ-22: 2,2 liter, 130 to 160 hp, about 120 kg dry weight
EJ-25: 2,5 liter, 165 to 200 hp, about 135 kg dry weight
EJ-33: 3,3 liter, 225 to 275 hp, about 160 kg dry weight
Prekas can help you with just about every aspect of a Subaru engine installation, from the basic engine conversion to building engine mounts, working out the placement of cooling radiators, cowling modifications, exhaust systems, etc.

Do come by to discuss your engine related needs and wishes. Perhaps there will be a Subaru engine on the sharp end of your plane in the future. Or, just contact us!

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