Ever figured how that brand new looking aircraft at the flightline could have the same registration as that old worn out machine that used to be parked there?

Ever noticed how people seem to judge your aircraft by the external appearance? No matter how hard you have worked on the engine installation of your new homebuilt, if your paint job is flawed, nobody will notice that engine.

The paint job will really set your aircraft apart, be it on a brand new aircraft, or on your well used one.

A Rans in the paint booth at Prekas

Long before Michalis Prekatsunakis started Prekas, he was a renowned painter. Michalis has painted everything from motorbike fuel tanks to F16’s and Fokker 100’s.

With this heritage, we at Prekas know that the secret to a good paint job is in the preparation of the surface and the usage of good equipment. Everybody can go out and buy a spray gun, but without the thorough knowledge and skills of a good surface preparation, and the usage of professional equipment, the end results will always be less pleasing than the result of a pro.

Considering having your aircraft (re)painted? Call or drop by to discuss your requirements!

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